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SUSUTT a new slimming products

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Fatiya Latiff, a Malaysian actress also consume SUSUTT to maintain her health and keep her slim body.

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SUSUTT User Experience

Puan Ina LOSS 16 KG after consume SUSUTT

Miss Mary LOSS 20 KG after consume SUSUTT

Madam Chew LOSS 15 KG after consume SUSUTT





Mix Berries

All berries have rich sources of vitamin C which have antioxidant properties, help to protect cells from free radical, reduce aging, prevent chronic disease like cancer and heart disease. Consuming berries helps produce butyrate which is a fatty acid that helps in weight loss and make the body lean.

Dragon Fruit Powder

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that have red skin and sweet, seed speckled pulp. Its flesh has white or red in colour. It contains good source of fiber which relieve constipation and promote healthy gastrointestinal tract. Its antioxidant properties help fight chronic disease such as cancer. It also promotes skin health and strengthen immune system.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera is considered a natural laxative which helps in detoxification, treat constipation, promotes bowel movement, and avoid the accumulation of putrefaction. It contains powerful antioxidants which inhibits the growth of bacteria and thus boost immune system. It also good to improve skin condition, reduce wrinkles and treat sunburn

Strawberry Powder

Strawberry are bright red, juicy and sweet fruit. It rich in antioxidant, which is anthocyanins that good for heart, reduce blood sugar and prevent stroke. It also contains dietary fiber which prevent constipation and improve digestive health

Apple Fiber

Apple fiber helps in detoxification, prevent constipation, and promote bowel movement. It also regulates blood lipids, increase the excretion of bile acids, and reduce serum cholesterol.

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SUSUTT is a solution for your slimming body with a healthy and refreshing taste.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the safe age to consume Susutt?

Susutt is suitable for adults and children above 7 years old.

Can a pregnant lady consume Susutt? Will there be any side effects?

No. Susutt is not suitable for a pregnant mother. Kindly consult your doctors for more information

Can a breastfeed mother consume Susutt? Will there be any side effects?

Yes, but only after past the 6th month of breastfeeding. Kindly consult your doctor for more information.

Will it be safe for me to consume Susutt if I have any ill health condition such as heart attack, diabetic, etc?

If you are under doctor’s care, or diagnosed with any health conditions (heart attack, diabetic, kidney problems), or taking medication, it is not suitable to consume Susutt. Kindly consult your doctor for more information.

Can I take in Susutt along with other supplements?

Yes, however, please ensure to only take other supplements after 2 hours of consuming Susutt.

Can I drink Susutt when having my menstrual?

Yes. However, if you encounter any discomfort or irregular period after consumption, please stop consuming Susutt until your periods ends. Kindly consult with your doctor if such discomfort still persists after your period.

Can I drink more than 1 sachet per day?

The daily recommended dosage of Susutt is one sachet.

Does my heart pumping fast after consuming?

It will not cause any irregular heartbeat as Susutt using natural ingredients. However, if your heart pumping fast after consuming, it is recommended to stop consume.

Can I drink in the morning?

Susutt can be consumed any time of the day. However, it is recommended to be consumed before bedtime for maximum effectiveness.

Should I consume before meal or after meal?

It is recommended to be consumed before bedtime for maximum effectiveness.

Do I need to drink more water?

Yes, please do so to ensure adequate hydration.

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